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Hemp Links

While Hemplobby only lists links for organizations we deem reputable, we do not necessarily endorse the contents of these external sites. These sites will open in new windows. Enjoy.

Hemp Agriculture Researchers & Producers
Hemp Resources – new
North America Industrial Hemp Council

HempGrowers of Kentucky
Dr. Dave West’s Hemp Archives 
International Hemp Association

Cannabis Policy Reform Organizations

Marijuana Policy Project 
Drug Policy Foundation 
Lindesmith Center 
National NORML
Drug Reform Coordination Network 
Drug Sense

Oregon’s CRRH – Media-rich site – Basic site – Colorado Hemp Initiative Project
King County (WA) Bar Association’s Drug Policy Project


NORML’s Report “Crimes of Indiscretion: Marijuana Arrests in the United States” – March 16 2005

Hemp Industry Organizations & News 

Hemp Industries Association 
Hemp Stores
Global Hemp – features business news mailing list

Politcal Education
Chris Conrad – noted speaker, author, etc. 
Vote Hemp

Medical Cannabis Resources
National Library of Medicine Database
Safe Access Now – features “Cannabis Yields and Dosage” report

Media, Education and Arts
The HempenRoad film project
Hemp.Net – Internet Service Provider
Cannabis Culture Magazine – formerly Cannabis Canada
Seattle’s Stranger newspaper article “The Lowdown on Washington’s Marijuana Laws” by Erica Barnett

International hemp-formation
Taima.Org – Hemp in Japan 
Cannabislegal – Germany – Austria

The “Other Ones”
M-Files (WA Lt. Gov. Brad Owen anti-marijuana site)


Corrections, Additions, Link Exchange? Cool, Contact us!

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