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HempLobby Position Statements

— Hemp is an agricultural and economic issue and should be approached with the input of agronomists, farmers, product manufacturers, market distributors from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

— Washington State’s major industry is logging and timber products (including paper pulp). This industry is non-sustainable and has been fading in recent years. Hemp is a natural to replace wood as a raw fiber in many of the products now made with wood. Further hemp growth is beneficial to re-claim and re-stabilize lands which have been over-logged, eroded or over-fertilzed.

— Washington State universities have already conducted research on hemp growth and end product manufacturing. This information should be exploited to the benefit of the citizens of Washington. Along with this information, Washington should consider the laws of both the federal government, United Nations and other regions of the world in deciding a plan of action.

— Washington State businesses have been at the fore-front of hemp manufacturing and marketing for several years and deserve the support of the government to continue to increase Washington’s tax base.

— Hemp has grown successfully in Canada as well as many other industrialized countries. Other states are working towards re-introducing industrial hemp growth and Washington should be a leader in progressing this forward.

— The citizens and legislators of Washington tend to support the introduction of industrial hemp but everyone must have the same verifiable information in order to make fair, careful decisions and avoid the hype and misinformation campaigns which surround hemp.

— Many of the law-enforcement, public perception and legal issues concerning hemp must continue to be addressed in part but need a sense of closure in order to move on.

— Jobs are vital to any economy and a way to add jobs and repair environmental damage deserves consideration and careful thought.

Hemplobby Board of Directors

— Promote a new public image for hemp by dispelling old myths and misinformation through quality education.Ed Saukkooja, Executive Director and chief lobbyist
Dave Olson
, Director of communication & information, Read bios …

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