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HempLobby Plans

— Distribute high quality, accurate, timely materials to educate government, business and citizens in a factual professional manner.

— Produce concise plans for reintroducing industrial hemp growth into Washington’s economy and implement them into law.

— Create a resource archive of lobbying materials and quality information for the use of concerned citizens and business.

— Promote a new public image for hemp by dispelling old myths and misinformation through quality education.
HempLobby Goals

* Educate regional law enforcement as to the difference between various strains of cannabis to help streamline the process to trade with our neighbors in Canada who are producing legal commercial, industrial hemp.

* Work with both business leaders, farmers, legislators and government agencies to develop comprehensive scenarios to implement industrial hemp growth in Washington for fiber, pulp, oil and food.

* Work with government and activists to ensure reasonable, fair access to medical cannabis in a manner that helps the patient, respects the community and potentially sets a model for the rest of the nation to follow.

* Educate and assist agricultural groups in voicing their opinion about maintaining high grade seed stock without compromising genetics and/or granting de facto monopolies or non-reproducing strains.

* Educate government and citizens by making available sample packs of hemp fibers and products for a small donation (paper, cardstock, fiber, seed, cloth, . . .)

* Produce & distribute a professional, concise brochure explaining the facts about various uses of cannabis sativa to public, government and business.

* Submit a work proposal and information packet to key legislators and government agencies outlining options for re-introducing industrial hemp agriculture. This packet will contain a summary of all information Washington State and the federal government commissioned in the recent past as well as results and analysis of Canadian crops in 1996-98.

* Create an on-line resource of lobbying materials including; a comprehensive database of contact information to government agencies and key legislators, sample letters to editor and government officials for citizens to use, list of things to do to support hemp, contact info for businesses in Washington State involved with industrial hemp.

* Grow HempLobby into an organization which can be duplicated and emulated throughout the country and world as need be.

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