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Help the Farmers of Washington – Open Letter to Senator Swecker and Representative Alexander

April 29, 2009
Senator Swecker and Representative Alexander; 
This will become reality soon. Will you give the farmers in West Lewis Co. a break, and help us forge ahead with a new green industry? Help us write a bill that will allow us to grow and process industrial hemp. It will take 1500 acres, rail and high-way transportation systems, and areas for industrial complex. The Curtis and Ceres Valleys are a perfect fit with hemp related industries. The Port of Chehalis wants to do something at the old Weyerhaeuser sorting facilities near the forks of the Chehalis River.

es, even fish food can be processed from hemp seed as demonstrated by the U. of Kentucky over 10 years ago. Our own Washington State University did studies in the early 90’s developing building materials from hemp stalks.  

Please contact me if you are interested in helping the farmers of your district. You have my e-mail address, and I’ll give you a toll free phone number for you to call as not too cost the State any excess expenditures. 800-963-4367 Or, you can just wait until marijuana is as legal as alcohol . Why wait to develop hemp industries? Our loggers and farmers need work now. Show the GREEN side of Washington Republicans…

“Promoting the Economy while Protecting the Environment” is our motto at Hemplobby, and I hope you would checkout our publication PDF “Practical Guide to Hemp” at our web-site. 
Yours Truly; Ed Saukkooja, Director of
As a side note: This e-mail will be sent to the Daily Chronicle and Olympian newspapers as a “open letter” by Friday 5/01/09 unless I hear from both of you.
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