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Letter to Sen. Swecker

February 26, 2007

Sen. Swecker;

It is so refreshing to hear a politician say they could possibly be open to listening about industrial hemp. The last time I made an effort in Olympia, the response from your colleagues was “you must be out of your mind if you think I am going to sponsor a bill to grow marijuana.” That was 1997, the same year Canada first permitted their farmers to grow hemp. This year Canadian farmer will plant over 45,000 acres for seed and fiber, double last years seeding.

Thanks to the internet, many web-sites are now up and running packed with the latest products available for market today. A wide range of goods from animal bedding to healthy eatable food stuffs high in Omega Fatty Acids are at the convenience of your finger tips on your home computer. The politics of hemp are also defined on the web. The web-site with the most up-to-date relevance with the industrial hemp political issues would be, and also at our web-site where we offer links to many other hemp resources.

What we really need is the farm base. We need to rejuvenate the local family farm industry. With the two major distribution centers within 100 miles in either direction, we are in a winning position to capitalize on emerging green economy. Hemp is the key to cellulostic energy, which is the second generation of bio-fuels. We seem to be spending money on yesterdays technology rather than the next generation. I am referring to the Bio-fuels facility on Grays Harbor. I hear they are going to import the seed oil. What is the difference if we import seed oil or crude oil? It is still importing or energy, and that leaves us vulnerable.

I could ramble for hours on this subject, but I’ll let you off the hook till you ask for more, but in closing I will only add, any law past that will allow industrial hemp to be grow will be doomed for failure, unless there is also a companion bill regulating and taxing marijuana. The World Health Organization has stated, marijuana is less harmful to society than alcohol or tobacco. Government must rebuild trust through honesty. No more “gateway drug” bull manure.

P.S. I understand you raise fish? The mash left from pressing the oil from hemp seed is a great fish food supplement, just one more useful by-product of this amazing plant. I feed 5% hemp seed mix to my back yard chicken flock to enrich the eggs with omega 3 and 6.

Ed Saukkooja; Director,

P.S.S. This letter is also being sent to my attorney and to hemplobby.orgs communication director.

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  1. March 11, 2007 10:48 pm

    Great Stuff Ed!

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