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Letter to my Legislator

February 19, 2007

The following is a e-mail I sent to my State Rep. last week. I am still waiting a reply. Hopefully this week.


Rep. Alexander;

Thank you very much for your quick response. As these bills work their way through the legislative process, I would be willing for you to use my expertise in this area. I have been promoting the development of a hemp fiber and seed industry in the Boistfort Valley for over a dozen years.

Several farmers in the greater upper Chehalis River valleys have shown interest to the point of dedicating over 1500 acres to the development of the hemp industry. Weyerhaeuser’s old pole yard at the confluence of the South Fork of the Chehalis River and Highway 6 would be a natural spot for the construction of processing facilities.

I have been marketing products derived from hemp since 1990. Someday it would be nice to sell a product once again grown in the United States. I was a founding member and served on the board of directors of the Hemp Industries Association in the mid-90s. I lobbied in Olympia in the late 90s, but the legislature was not ready to accept the notion we could grow hemp without creating a massive drug problem in the State. Believing the legislature has matured in this area, I will soon make another attempt at encouraging you and others to make the very best decisions for the farmers and voting citizens of our district.

In all honesty, I would like to see drug laws revised offering a legitimate method for the citizens of this State to pay a sin tax on Marijuana. This would allow for the regulation of recreational marijuana activities which are less harmful to society than cigarettes, or alcohol, as stated by the World Health Organization. The King County Bar Association has a plan to tax and regulate cannabis. Would you take a close and comprehensive look at the proposal the Bar Association has put forward?

Again, I want to thank you for your honest and quick response to my suggestion that you sponsor hemp legislation.

Ed Saukkooja Director
P.O. Box 267
Pe Ell, WA. 98572
Ph. 360 291 3117

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