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February 15, 2007

Our daughter called last night worried about her young puppy. The four month old Jack Russell Terrier was acting strange. Ears back, scared, nose dripping, and other non-normal behaviors. This was about 10 PM last night. She called the vet. Spoke with a vet-tech who persuaded her to wait till morning and see how the little bitch was doing.

She called this morning, pup was doing a little better, but still not quite right. The little bitch was, kinda, walking sideways and her balance was messed up. By this time our daughter had time to think about the situation, and came to the conclusion, the pup had eaten her husbands medical marijuana cookie.

We assured her the pup would recover, but would most likely have a change of personality, reminding her of our families Big Dog.

Big Dog was our pet in the early 90’s. Big was part wolf, Irish Elk Hound, Mackenzie River Husky mix. Big dog was a chicken killen, turkey killen, deer and elk chasin, hole diggin, most lovable beast I’d ever had.

I had received some marijuana butter from a friend. It sat in the back of our frig for quite some time. Cleaning the frig one day, my wife said we must get rid of this stuff. So not wanting to waste this 1/2 pound of pot butter, I put it on the back porch for the several cats living in our wood pile to enjoy.

Well you guessed it, Big Dog chased all the cats away and ate the entire 1/2 pound of butter himself. For 2 days we didn’t know if he was going to survive. He was out, and non-responsive to all stimuli. Finally he woke, taking hours getting to all four feet. Falling down the stairs and walking like a drunken sailor for another several hours, he recovered with no apparent ill affects.

Old Big was never quit the same after that experience though. Just a much milder, non killing mellow member of the family.

E-nuff from Pe Ell; HempEd

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