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February 14, 2007

In a recent blog the question was asked, “why are we still in Iraq?” The President answered that question this morning. Bush in a morning news conference spoke the truth when he stated, “money trumps peace.” I am surprised he made that admission.

The multinational corporations have vested interests in securing Middle Eastern oil, and Iraq is their key. Let me suggest you read about the “Project for the New America Century,” at

In a nut shell, a group of 30 prominent hawks signed a letter to President Clinton in the mid 90’s suggesting we invade Iraq and use it as a military center of operations controlling events in the Middle East. The main goal of this occupation would be to secure the West’s energy needs for the 21st century with that regions’ oil reserves.

Clinton refused, then 9/11. This gave the hawks, some whom made it to the White House with the Bush administration, new ammunition pushing their imperialist notion. Unfortunately, Bush didn’t refuse. By invading Iraq, we have opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box.

Unless the citizenry demands withdrawal of all our troops from Iraq, those behind the Project for a New American Century will see their wishes prevail. We will establish permanent basses in Iraq, and make no mistake, it is all about oil. We will do this or break the treasury and the military in the attempt.

How much of our wealth and how many lives have we already spent trying to accomplish this? Let me suggest that if that kind of money had been used to prefect alternative fuel technologies, we would have no need to be in the region.

There will be wars and rumors of wars as long as we keep perpetuating them. The Shiites and the Sunnis will fight, but why does it need to be our fight? The Arabs and the Jews are going to fight eventually, but why does it need to be our battle.

It is time we take care of our own and those that request our help. I contend, the only reason we are there is because of the regions’ oil. The debate must be, imperialism vs. developing alternatives. Who wants to make the argument that we need to kill because someone else controls our energy source?

Osama bin Laden and his followers wanted to oust Hussein from Kuwait in 91 seeking help from the Saudi family to do so. Bin Laden told the Arab nations that it was their responsibility to keep Hussein in check, stating, “If you let the American’s take care of this problem, we will never be rid of them.” He was right.

Declare victory and bring our troops home now! We should not be refereeing their disputes. It’s our problem because we have made it so: “Money Trumps Peace.”

By the way, how are your energy and defense industry stocks doing? Please don’t let money trump your peace.

E-nuff from Pe Ell; HempEd

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