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North Dakota Hemp?

February 8, 2007

The fate of North Dakota farmers wanting to grow marijuana is in the hands of the Federal Drug Administration’s Drug Enforcement Agency, or is it? Will the farmers post the $3400 non-refundable permit application fee to grow marijuana with the DEA? Our friends at Vote Hemp are asking for financial help. Supporters of growing marijuana for industrial uses are being asked to pay the brave farmers non-refundable permit application fee. I love saying it — $3400 non-refundable permit application fee !!!!!

Remember, with the non-refundable permit application fee, the farmer is admitting he wants to grow marijuana. All-be-it very low octane pot, it might get a fly high, what will the DEA do? Will they grant these first two permits and open the flood gates to every Tom, Dick, and Mari Jane to grow bad pot, or will they deny the application and face a certain court battle,which, with-out question, will reach the Supreme Court down the line.

I wish all well, and that the North Dakota farmers are allowed to grow hemp. What ever action is taken, either by the DEA or the Courts, the final solution lays at the feet of Congress.

Reverse laws that put DEA agents on our farms. Reverse laws prohibiting farmers from growing industrial hemp. Reverse laws stopping me and 50,000,000 other tax paying Americans from self medicating with cannabis, Reverse laws promoting the arrest of over 700,000 American’s last year on marijuana related charges, with over 85% arrested for mere possession of small amounts of pot, (under 40 grams).

The enforcement of “drug laws” are for the benefit of the drug companies, and not to protect the public health or interests. Marijuana, being such a health hazard to the American public, why not turn it over to the Surgeon General and out of hands of the Attorney General?

To learn more about efforts in North Dakota go to:

e-nuff from Pe Ell; hempEd

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