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Be Honest with Us

February 7, 2007

Why can’t we leave Iraq tomorrow? What is the great National interest to be there any longer? No chemical weapons, no nuke program, they had elections, the bad Iraqi army has been destroyed, and the Country is rid of it’s evil Dictator – why are we still there? Our military has accomplished the mission they were sent to do. Why are we still in Iraq?

Some people are afraid of a Shiite caliphate dominating the Middle East. Others worried of a Sunni lead Jihad against the West if they gain control of the massive oil fields of Iraq. I ask myself, “Why are we concerned who controls the region?” Wouldn’t it be to our advantage to let the two sides fight it out among themselves? How could that scenario hurt the citizens of the United States?

I’m listening to a debate on the Senate floor – love C-Span – about if we should stay or start pulling back and not get ourselves in the middle of a war between the two dominate Muslim factions. What I am not hearing is anything convincing me that our staying could possibly be in the best interest of the United States. Is it to stop Iraqi from killing Iraqi? If that is the case, then it is a civil war, and I don’t think many signed on to play referee in that type of conflict.

Could it be to protect Israel? I don’t think so. It wasn’t even mentioned during the debate, and anyway, the Israelis have proven they can take care of themselves. Besides, if it doesn’t work out for them, we could give them Florida and still come out ahead.

I just want to know why we are still there; and I don’t believe any of our politicians can honestly tell the American people what’s up. If this war is worth over 3000 of our finest and still counting, then it is worth a greater sacrifice by the rest of us. If this is so crucial to the United States, why aren’t we all being asked to help win it? All any of us – other than our military families – have been asked to do is keep our mouths shut, support the Administration, and “keep on shoppin.”

I believe we have backed ourselves into a corner. We have had 30 years to get our energy house in order, and we have done very little. Now with a botched military venture to change the culture in Iraq, there is a great possibility we won’t be able to keep the lid on things. We might be cut off from the Middle East oil tit, and not only will our economy collapse, but we could even face food shortages and the loss of goods and services. If our politicians would come right out and tell us the truth, I could be more supportive of the real US – Capitalistic Pigs at the world trough.

E-nuff from Pe Ell; HempEd

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  1. Nancy permalink
    February 7, 2007 4:45 pm

    OK, those are the problems. What are the solutions?

    Politicians who don’t lie to us? Dream on.

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