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EXxon’s Profits

February 4, 2007

While EXxon and all it’s stock holders head for the bank with profits of over 39 billion dollars net income last year, the folks in Valdez, Cordova, Native villages, and the rest of Prince Williams Sound, let alone the State of Alaska, still have not been compensated for the March 89 grounding and subsequent release of 11 million gallons of North Slope crude from their single hauled supper tanker, the EXxon Valdez.

Fish stocks have not yet reach the pre EXxon Valdez catastrophe. Herring populations were devastated. The spill was at the most critical time, as the herring were gathering for the spawn. Fisherman, the heart of wealth gathering in town of Cordova, have lost everything.

Why has EXxon not done the right thing. Why have they not paid the money the courts have ordered? Is it because the laws and the courts have become more corporate friendly? Pay the lawyers, keep the whole issue under appeal. Why do people still invest in EXxon stock when they are aware of the company has this debt.
Is it because investors know EXxon will never pay their debt to Alaska.

My thoughts from Pe Ell; e-nuff, HempEd

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