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February 4, 2007

Why at 60 years old, did I think I needed a dog. Especially a big one, and getting bigger. This dog is kicking my ass. Today, for instance, she was pacing back and forth, so I put her out on her run. A short time later, I went to let her back in the house. What a mess, it was sprinkling rain, and the combination of the rain and her digging a hole half way to the peaks of Nepal, she was filthy.
What to do, what to do? To cold to turn the hose on her, and Ellen would have turned the hose on me if I were to bring her back into the house full of mud. “Light bulb”! We have a bath house, (sauna) why not, so in we go.
Our sauna has a shower, so dog and I took a shower, picture that.
That’s e-nuff from Pe Ell; HempEd

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  1. February 4, 2007 7:38 pm

    nah…don’t think i’ll let that image sneak in there…kinda like the ones i already have from the little sweat box… :)

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