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Open letter to Willie

January 29, 2007

Dear Mr. Nelson;

Watching “NOW” on PBS last week stimulated this letter. Please indulge me for a moment. I have been a fan of yours for more years than I care to remember. Following your career with amazement and respect. When the IRS was after you, I thought, why doesn’t he just “jump-ship” and go live anywhere else in the world? I have answered that question myself. You, Mr. Nelson, are a true Patriot, and by paying the bastards the taxes they say you owed, you remain on stage effecting change in America. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my 60 year old heart.

Let me get to the purpose of this letter. Your involvement with Farm Aid, the Bio-Willie fuels program and dedication to cannabis freedom brings me to the point, second generation Bio-fuels. You stated, in the short excerpt on TV, you wanted to see local farmers make a living on a two to three hundred acre farm. Providing raw materials for a local fuel supply being a big part of the farms earnings.

Here in Washington State, our legislator has paved the way for the construction of a bio-fuels reactor in the economically depressed area of Grays Harbor on our States central coast. The talk is, import of cheaply produced seed oils form South East Asia and other Pacific Nations will fuel the reactor. This is unacceptable. How does that help “stabilize the bottom rung” of the economic ladder you speak? The real answers will come with improved technology involving “cellulistic conversion”, where you grow crops for the cellulose content, not the seed, i.e. Industrial Hemp.

historical hemp photo

Cellulistic ethanol and bio-fuel can power our transportation systems, only if the crops with the “Highest” cellulose content will be permitted to grow. My research tell me, Industrial Hemp has twice the cellulose content of corn. Hemp is the answer for our short and long term energy needs, and you are the man of the hour to help us spread this message.

Make the connection from the time of Alcohol prohibition, between Government, fuel supplies, agriculture, big oil, and failed prohibitive laws that have narrowed our fuel choices to one.

My wife, Ellen and I, had the opportunity a few years back to see you on stage at the local fair grounds. On that occasion, I gave a stage hand a gift for you. (Never heard if you received it or not) It was a small card board box with a dozen “Enviro Eyes”, individually packaged in a !00% hemp card-stock box with interesting facts concerning this amazing plant that has the potential to restore earth to a breathable state. I hope you were able to see one of the gifts I left for you. Oh! and by the way, we enjoyed the show.

If I can be of any assistance to you concerning hemp, farming, or environmental issues please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ed Saukkooja

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